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We provide precision quality Swiss-made Rolex Replica timepieces. The word, "FAKE" will never be associated with these examples of fine jewelery.http://ROLEX.COM

The faith in our quality products makes us extend the warranty up to 1 year !!!

Why pay Thousands of dollars for an original Rolex, when you can pay a fraction of the cost, and still have a High Quality Timepiece that will last you a lifetime...... These 99% Exact Rolex Swiss-Made replicas will even fool your jeweler......

We have all models of Rolex Replicas available for WOMEN & MEN: Masterpieces, Presidential, Datejust , Yachtmaster, Submariner, Daytonas, Explorer/Explorer II and GMT- Masters II.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most popular questions that we answer when it comes to replica watches, if your question remains unanswered after reading all these queries, please send us an email or call our Sales Hotline.

How long will it take to receive my watch, and how much is shipping?

All US domestic watch orders come with free 2-3 day shipping via courier. You can also upgrade to overnight delivery for a small fee. International customers will be charged an additional shipping and handling fee and should expect to receive their watch within 2-4 working days depending on any custom delay. If you order by 3pm online via the internet or through the sales hotline your order will be shipped the same day. (depending on inventory) 90% of our orders get processed and shipped the same day. We are the only site on the internet to offer guaranteed overnight delivery on these high end swiss watches.What if I'm not satisfied?You will be. But if you really don't think they're worth the money, then simply return them to us and we will refund your money, no questions asked. Please do not remove the plastic wrapping around the bands or remove any links, or wear the watch at all, because we cannot refund your money on worn watches. Make sure to read our return policies before ordering. Regardless of the ROLEX markings and printings these are quality timepieces that will last for many years. If such product were to be retailed in a department or jewelry store setting these watches would easily command thousands of dollars.

How can I trust you with my money?

We offer you protection of purchasing with your major credit card. This protects the buyer so if we don't ship the product you simply contact your credit card company and have the charges reversed and get a full refund. We are the official online retailer of these fine swiss replica watches and have been handling offline European/Asian orders for many years. If we ship an inferior product and don't refund your money, you can contact your credit card company and get a full refund. Basically, the credit card companies are always on the customer's side. If the customers did not buy anything, the credit card companies would not make any money.

How safe is ordering from you?

We guarantee you that ordering from our site is safer than ordering in real-life. We secure all your personal information through military-strength encryption programs. If any fraud is ever committed on your credit card, we will pay the maximum $50 penalty fee that your bank can hold you liable for. But we are more than sure this will never, ever happen.

Will no one ever be able to tell the difference?

We are very honest when we say that no one can tell the difference. Not even your jeweler. Here are just a few reasons why:

• These Swiss replicas are so rare that no one knows about them. The factory only have a capacity to make a small quantity each year since they are individually hand-crafted.• The quality of the material is the same found on a genuine Rolex. The manufacturer uses only high grade solid stainless steel, and solid, genuine 18k gold. This way, the weight and the feel of the watch is identical.• Fakes are not designed to go in water. But if you can wear one of these while you go deep-sea diving, no one will ever suspect a fake.• Would we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee, along with a 1 year warranty, if these watches were poor quality?

Why would I want to purchase a Swiss replica?

There may be several reasons:

1) You want a genuine Rolex watch, but the price is too ridiculous.
2) You want to impress your friends or business clients.
3) You want to put your replica through wear and tear because you don't want to damage your genuine Rolex.
The main reason why you want to purchase a Swiss replica instead of a regular replica is because it is almost impossible to tell the difference between our replicas and the real thing. A regular, China-made, and even the Japan-made fakes, are mass-produced. That is why they don't have all the fine details and craftsmanship of a genuine Rolex.On top of all that these are quality swiss watches regardless of the fact that they are "Replicas" Similar quality items retail for thousands of dollars, as the movements in our watches can be found in authentic Cartier and Omega models.

Are all Swiss replicas on the net the same?

No. Just like with the Asian replicas, there are 2 grades of qualities even for these Swiss replicas. The first grade, which is the type some retailers sell (and try to represent them as 25-jewel ETA replicas), carries a movement that is a copy of the Swiss ETA movement. Although these are very high in quality as well, the truth is, you are not getting a genuine ETA movement, nor are you getting the same craftsmanship as in our Swiss replicas.What EXACTLY are the movements of these Swiss replicas? The movements of these Swiss Rolex replicas vary. Either they have a generic (copy) Swiss 21-jewel movement, a Swiss ETA 21-jewel 2846 movement, or a Swiss ETA 25-jewel 2834-2 movement. ETA is the name of the Swatch-owned Swiss company that produces high quality automatic movements for all kinds of watches, including genuine Omega and Tag Heuer watches. The 2834-2 or 2836 movement is part of the ETA Mecaline series of movements, and the 25-jewel movements are able to make 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz). They all have the hacking signal found in real Rolex watches (when you set the time, the second hand stops sweeping) and they all have an extremely durable construction through over 200 years of ETA's solid reputation. As a matter of fact, ETA has recently just produced the 200 millionth movement for Swatch alone. The movements simply are some of the finest in the world.We guarantee you 125% of your money-back that we ship out ONLY Swiss ETA 25-jewel 2834-2 or 2836 movement watches.

How sharp are the fonts on the face?

The fonts on the face are all accurate and extremely sharp. No one can ever tell the difference just by looking at them, or any other parts of the watch. Check out some of the close-up pictures for more information.

Can you swim in them?

Yes, you most definitely can! The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass face will make sure the watch holds together even at great depths. The top quality solid stainless steel construction will prevent salt water from eating into the watch. And the fine craftsmanship will guarantee your watch will never break down under water.You say your watches are 99% exact to the real thing.

Where did the 1% go?

If I say that our watches were 100% exact to the real thing, Rolex would be out of business. What you can expect is an amazing watch that will last you just as long as any genuine Rolex. The Swiss replica contains genuine Swiss-made parts, and is individually hand-crafted just like a genuine Rolex. The biggest difference between our watches and a genuine Rolex is that our watches do not undergo the same tests that a genuine Rolex undergoes. The procedures our manufacturer use to test the watches is slightly different, and less strict. Nevertheless, the watch is constructed to perfection and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with it in any way.

Will the materials on your watches ever fade?

Not on our solid gold watches. You may have seen cheaper fakes that have faded on you in the past. That is because all watches that are not Swiss replicas cannot afford to use solid stainless steel, or even real gold. The stainless steel on those watches are just plated on, and the gold is always fake gold. The thin plating usually lasts for a few months only on Asian replicas, before the acid on your sweat starts corroding it. After that, the stainless steel/fake gold will wear off, and all you see is a cheap base metal. Even on the higher quality Japanese Replicas, the genuine gold is plated much thicker. However, it will eventually fade off after few years.However, on our triple-wrap watches, the gold will usually last you several decades before it wears off. Theoretically, the gold on the triple-wrapped watches never wear off. It is usually the salt from very acidic sweat that will eat into the gold. This causes the gold to corrode. However, this happens even on genuine gold. Genuine gold will simply turn a very dark, black color, whereas triple-wrap gold can slowly wear off because of chemical reactions. Therefore, any type of gold is always advisable to be kept away from very acidic sweat and salt water. Maintenence tips are always included with every watch to insure an extended lifetime for decades to come!Like the old adage goes... you get what you pay for. And we guarantee it 100%.

Can these really fool everyone?

Yes. So please do not pose them as a genuine Rolex under any circumstance. We will hold no liability at all for what you do with these Swiss replicas after they have been sold, because of the nature of their quality. Many jewelers have been fooled in the past, and there really is no way of telling the difference other than opening up the watch and taking a look at the movement.Are the pictures on your site taken from the actual replica or the genuine watch? You may be amazed by some of the pictures we have up on our website. Because of their quality, you might think they are from catalogs of the genuine watch. But that is NOT true! We have an in-house professional photographer taking the pictures for us, and he has taken pictures for a few watch catalogs before.As a matter of fact, many other sites steal our pictures to place up on their own website.We guarantee 100% that all pictures taken from our site are actual pictures of our Swiss Rolex replicas! The watches look exactly as represented in the pictures, and we never, ever use anyone else's pictures, or pictures of the genuine watch. If you have any doubts at all about buying the watch, just remember that we have a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

The faith in our superior quality of our products makes us extend the warranty.

Your beautifully crafted and exclusive Swiss replica is made only from the highest quality material and craftsmanship in Japan and Swiss. It is guaranteed to flawlessly excel in endurance and eye appeal. Don't be fooled by low quality replicas made from countries with cheap watch movement workmanship such as China or Thailand! An easy indication is the ridiculously short period of warranty that other dealers may try to offer you (such as 60 days or 90 days, or in some instances, as short as 30 days). The quality of your replica is reinforced with a whopping 180-day (Previously 120-days) & 12 months (Previously 180-days) warranty on the watch!.

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